The Story of the Whore and The Devil

Today I found a tale of the Devil’s epic failto torture newlyweds who peeved him soThey had somehow found a way to avoid to ever saya harsh word to scar the other’s soul So the Devil sought and found, for breaking couples down;to ruin their respect and wreck their livesAnd...

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Silence, Sadness, or Innocence

Through the woods to grandmother’s house, 18 years too late. under the broken pine tree canopyof an ancient tribal swampa hydrated choir splashesagainst my windowlike christmas bells ringing ode to joy;fluttering moths against the tumbler in the distancerails rattle rhythms and battle hymnsfrom an hymnal adjacent to antiquityconnecting cargo from...

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“Covered in Tattoos” is the wrong way to describe it. When she lies naked on a bed of junk mail, sleeping with her back to you; with the moonlight creeping through the shutters like a home invader tiptoeing into the kitchen; there is still plenty of bare skin pushing that...

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