Boy Meets Girl

Boy makes music.

He has a decade of hard knox lessons still ruminating, and of wounds still healing.

Boy works.

He feels a constant need for money to flow from his employer’s hands into those of his creditorʼs, which he hopes will free himself to return to his love of art.

Boy is proud.

He has good fortune compared to some, and has worked hard to maximize those opportunities — usually.

Boy stresses.

He has a large and diverse family, comprised of stories which each weigh on his mind like ten thousand knives tied to the sides of the Zeppelin.

Boy feels guilt.

He rounds the corner of his third decade in life like a stolen car in a tailspin with a trunk full of bullet holes.

Boy dreams big.

He calculates the debt of good deeds and kind words heʼs collected and knows the score has to be epic to ever repay the world for itʼs unwarranted kindness.

Boy meets girl.

He finds girl all of the best kinds of his worst nightmare, and hopes he can escape alive.

Boy wonders aloud.