Bay Area-based and Bayou-reared Meshach Jackson delivers his soulful lyrics with an emotional intensity that can only come from someone who was raised on equal parts gospel and grunge. Meshach draws the audience in with his emotionally raw, intimately truthful lyrics and impassioned stage presence.

Having shared the stage with diverse acts such as Switchfoot, Damien Rice, Mute Math, and Earth Wind & Fire, Meshach’s original work follows in this trend. He draws influence from everything from Delta Blues artists of the 1930s and 1940s to Tom Waits and Jack White; Bjork to Beck; Radiohead to Bonnie Raitt.

Inspired by the authentic and searching for the heart of American music, Meshach’s work is largely influenced by his childhood as the son of a southern preacher who ran a boys home for troubled teens; becoming an ordained minister himself at the age of 18; leaving the ministry to pursue a career as a songwriter at 21; working in the tech industry to rebound from the debts of the music business; and finally leaving it all again to go back on the road full time.

From the middle of the night in Little Rock, Arkansas to mornings in Fargo, North Dakota; winters in the Southeast, and summers in the Pacific Northwest; these journeys have all left their imprint on Meshach’s evocative sound. Meshach travels “by any means necessary”; including train, bus, hitchhiking, and most recently his trusty Toyota Carolla - developing his sound from the soul of New Orleans to the grime of New York City; from the grit of Austin to the groove of Los Angeles and beyond. A self-proclaimed “nomadic gypsy wanderer”, Meshach spends time between his most recent tours in the San Francisco Bay Area.