Mere Modals


I'm excited to announce that I'll be touring the San Francisco Bay Area again this fall with the Mere Modals and an ever-growing cast of characters. Come out and have some wine and sunshine in Livermore, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco. Check back here often for the latest dates.

Two Day Town : April 28 - 30

Lake Del Valle Regional Park, Ohlone Wilderness, 
Livermore, California, Earth

Who Are the "Mere Modals"?

The Mere Modals holding it down at 2-Day Festival 2016. Frankie laying down the Bones in Livermore. Jam session at the Mud Puddle Shop with Michael McNevin.


A few years ago, I found myself in the backyard of my cousin's house, on an outdoor stage with lights and a sound system, playing my guitar and trading folk songs with my cousin, Jeremy. The occasion was a gathering of family to attend the funeral of our grandmother, and it marked the end of a long separation between our respective sides of families, and first time Jeremy and I had ever played together, despite us both having been life-long musicians.

Since then, Jeremy and I have made it a point to play together as often as we can, so twice a year I travel to stay with his family in Livermore, CA, and play shows around The Bay Area.

With Jeremy and I on guitar, we added a third member to the band, an upright bass player named Frankie Bones. While playing Two-Day Festival in April of '16, Frankie dubbed us 'the Mere Modals' - a reference to Jeremy's obsession with what he calls 'Modal Fragments'. I would try to explain it here, but you'll have to ask him yourself.

My favorite part of playing these shows is meeting the people. These are small, intimate settings with lots of other musicians, artists, travelers, and thinkers, and a tremendous amount of fun and positivity. We play living rooms, coffee shops, wineries, festivals, backyards, open mics, and clubs all over the greater Bay Area, and everywhere we go we meet amazing and interesting people. I'm truly looking forward to the upcoming trip.

Do You Live in The Bay Area?

I see you swaying back there...

Whether you'd like to book us for a show, or just want to catch a show and talk after, please don't hesitate to reach out. Contact me through this page, or on facebook, and let me know when and where.

I can't wait to play some music for you!

- (Me)shach