Testify - Single

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Bonus: Testify Unplugged


when my brain said to my head
brother, I sure wish you were dead
a bloody battle broke out in my mind
well, I fought hard as I could
to see between the well and good
but I knew my will was running out of time

yeah, there's a struggle for my soul
and hard as I try, I don't know
who's right and who is fighting on my side
while I hear my heart's desire
and feel my spirit spittin' fire
in the waging war 'tween me, myself, and I


Lord knows it's hard to find her
and I wish she were kinder
but she won't hide, and she will never move
I will live my life to learn her ways
and fan the flame 'till the music fades
my faith and hope are hanging from the truth


all the rats are racing for the poison
all the cats are waiting by the door
all the dogs are tuned in to the noise, and...
the guns are cocked and loaded for the war

I have come through many dangers
I have knelt beside the manger
and I've found a beat that marches to my drum
I will live while I'm alive
and my regrets, with me, will die
when the bounty on my head is finally won